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The Weeks Agency

Healthcare Coverage Tailored for You!

The Weeks Agency provides tailored and personalized healthcare plans for all of your family needs. We offer creative solutions that will bundle you into larger pools bringing down your premiums while increasing the amount of coverage that you receive!


We are one of the best healthcare insurance providers in the United States and have helped Americans with better and improved health coverage!


Individual Insurance

Everybody understands that different people have different needs for health coverage. But not many people understand that there are different avenues that they can go down to get the best health coverage for their needs. To help individuals, we have categorized individual health coverage into guaranteed-issued plans and qualified/underwritten plans.


Send request and our representative will connect with you with the best plan that fits your needs.

Group Insurance

​Every self-employed and small business owner needs health coverage. We specialize in providing the best health coverage plan that will meet your needs. We have the ability to place you into groups of others just like yourself, giving you that power of numbers for lower premiums, better benefits per individual or for a group of people.

Send request and our representative will connect with you with the best plan that fits your needs.

Father & Son

A Bit About Us

We Take Care of You

Here at The Weeks Agency, we’ve had the privilege of being in business for twelve years. Of those twelve years of business, we’ve had the opportunity of helping thousands of Individuals, Families, and Small Businesses with their health coverage needs. We specialize in helping small business owners, self-employed, families, and individuals receive better access to health coverage. With the ever-changing options for health coverage benefits, you truly need someone that can walk you through the ever-changing maze of coverage.


The Weeks Agency can offer advice and guidance in all of the options of coverages available to you, from guaranteed issued, to be more qualified (Underwritten) coverages available in the individual market, as well as to give the ability for small business owners to take advantage of the ability of the power of numbers, by being a part of a national group of others like yourself, giving you the power of numbers, your business will gain additional benefits through these groups normally offered through larger corporations. So, in addition to having the ability to tailor your coverage to fit your family’s needs best, you’ll also have the opportunity of choosing a wide range of additional benefits not offered in smaller groups or individual plans. These benefits include additional Accident coverage, Critical Illness Benefits to be paid directly to you, Hospital confinement benefits to be paid directly to you, AD&D, Short Term Disability, Term Life, Vision, and Dental coverage. All while you have access to the largest networks of doctors and hospitals nationwide (no more state boundaries or having to choose from smaller local networks).


With the opportunity of having a moment of your time, we're confident that you’ll see the advantages of working with our team for all of your insurance needs.

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5400 Glenwood Ave. Suite G-05, Raleigh NC 27612

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